How to register with Tinder by phone number?

When you register with Tinder by phone number, you are wondering if it will be revealed.

According to the result, depending on the method, it will come out. But it’s harder to find out than to register on Facebook, and there is a way to never find out.

This time, I will explain how to register with a phone number in Tinder, and then introduce merit and demerit, and also explain whether it will be revealed.

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How to register with a phone number in Tinder

The following is a brief summary of what to do.

  • Search for “tinder” in the App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android. Please install the app that came out.
  • When you launch the app, you will be asked to log in with Facebook or log in with a phone number as follows. Tap “Log in with your phone number”.
  • Enter the phone number.
  • The account creation screen will appear as below. When you log in via Facebook, information such as your name and date of birth is automatically entered, but it is not necessary, but if you registered by phone number, you need to enter your own information. Tap “Start”.
  • The input screen for the email address is displayed. If you register your email, you can recover it if you forget your password. If you do not register, you will not be able to return, but if you do not need it, you can tap “skip” in the upper left and you do not need to enter it.
  • Enter your password. It is necessary to set a password of 8 characters or more using 1 or more English characters and 1 or more numbers.
  • Enter the name below. This name cannot be changed in the future, so please enter it.
  • Enter your birthday. And please select your gender.
  • Finally select the photo. You can either select a photo on your smart phone or activate the camera to shoot. It may be good to put the best shot in your smart phone in advance. Can you find out with your face photo? For those who are worried about, I will explain how to prevent it from falling out below.

Tinder displays the opposite sex based on the location information. Therefore, it cannot be used unless the location information is turned on. Please press the pink button below to allow the use of location information.

This completes registration with Tinder’s phone number. After that, tap “Login with phone number” and log in.

Advantages of registering by phone number instead of Facebook

It will be harder for your Facebook friends to get caught up.

Since I don’t use Facebook, it’s hard to find out about my Facebook friends. Facebook friend information will not be shared with Tinder because it does not work with Facebook. So registering with a phone number is obviously harder to register than registering with Facebook.

There is no system to search by phone number, so there is no need to find out from the phone number.

Why do you write “It’s hard to find out” instead of “I’m not going out”? However, because of Tinder’s specifications, heterosexuals nearby are randomly displayed. It’s not that I’m not 100% aware of it because sometimes I get acquainted with my face photo.

If you don’t want anyone to find out about it, please refer to the absolutely-unmissable method below.

Easy to change your own information (university, educational background, occupation, etc.)

If you register on Facebook, it will be linked with Facebook information.

Therefore, if you want to change information such as university, educational background, occupation, etc., you must change Facebook information.

However, if you register by phone number, Facebook will be irrelevant, so if you correct the information on Tinder side it will be changed immediately.

This is an advantage, because some people may not want to change Facebook information.

Disadvantages of registering by phone number instead of Facebook

I can’t use Tinder if I change my phone number

Tinder’s phone number registration will be connected to your mobile phone number.

You cannot change the phone number, so if you change the phone number when you change the model of your smart phone, you will not be able to use Tinder.

I cannot change the name below

This was explained in the registration section, but if you register with a phone number, you cannot change the name below in Tinder.

If you register on Facebook, you can change the name of Tinder by changing the name on Facebook, so this is a disadvantage of registering a phone number.

However, I think that there is such a big disadvantage if you pay attention to this when registering.

Final word

So, friends no more today now you register you Tinder account using phone number. Also you know advantages and disadvantages of register by phone number. Don’t wait go and download Tinder meet with your soul meet.