7 Least Known Spotify Features That will Make you Love the Service

Spotify is the most popular streaming music service today, thanks to the fact that it allows us to access more than twenty million songs instantly from our computer, tablet, smartphone and even from our television. At Spotify, we find everything from classical music to the latest releases of our favorite artists.

But Spotify, goes beyond being just a service to listen to music in streaming, because it has a series of features that invite us to enjoy music at another level, and share this experience with our friends. Learn about the seven lesser-known features of Spotify that will make you love the service. Spotify is the one of the best music platform for entertainment. in this days movies is the other best way to entertain. there are some movies streaming sites like 123movies, go movies, soap2dayto, putlockers and many more. still music streaming platform is not down. and for that Spotify  is one of the major reason.

Show the lyrics of the songs you are listening to

In late 2011 Spotify launched its application platform to allow plugins and extensions to be created based on it. One of the most useful applications is musiXmatch, which shows the lyrics of the song we are listening to as the song progresses.

Use search modifiers

The Spotify search engine is very complete, and its use is very familiar to us, however, few know that just like the different Internet search engines do, this tool accepts search modifiers, with which we can obtain better results.

For example, we can limit the range of dates included in the results using the modifier “year: 2010-2014”, or obtain results of a single musical genre with the operator “genre:”. Other available modifiers are: “track:”, “artist:” and “album:”.

Organize your playlists

With the large number of songs that Spotify makes available to us, it is very easy that we will soon have dozens of saved playlists and with this, that we will have difficulties managing them. The good thing is that Spotify allows us to organize them in folders. To create a folder, it is as easy as going to the File menu, selecting the New Folder option, giving it a name and finally moving the playlists that we want to be in the new folder.

Import your songs and playlists

If you like music as much as we do, you surely have your favorite songs in MP3 format on your computer, and perhaps, you have forgotten them when you started using Spotify. The good news is that Spotify is able to import all the playlists that we have in iTunes and Windows Media Player into our library. This option is found in the File menu, Import playlists.

Once imported, your songs will be shown in the Local Files section, and if you are a Spotify Premium user, you can synchronize them with your mobile devices.

Insert Spotify songs and playlists on Internet pages

Do you like forums or do you have your own blog? If so, surely on some occasion you may have considered sharing your favorite songs there. If so, you should know that just as you can insert YouTube videos on your website, you can embed your Spotify songs and playlists.

To make use of this function, simply click on the More button and then on the Copy Code option. You can then paste it anywhere you want on the Internet.

Send songs and playlists to your friends

The vast majority of Spotify users created their account with their Facebook user, but they have forgotten the social nature of the service, which gives us the opportunity to send songs and playlists to our friends within the platform.

To do so, both in the songs and in the playlists, it is only necessary to click on the More button, select Share and in the Send To section enter the name of our friend with whom we want to share our music.

Share the playlists you have created on your Spotify profile

On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks we have a profile page, and we may not have noticed that on Spotify too. In our profile our friends and followers can see what we are listening to at the moment and also what we have recently played.

If you want the lists you have created to be visible to other users, you need to make them public by clicking the More button, and choosing the Make public option. If, on the other hand, you want a playlist that is public, only you can listen to it, use the Make secret option.