If Cell Phone Does Not Have a Micro-SD Port How to Free Up Space

When we acquire a new equipment we always imagine all the uses that we can give it and above all the different applications that we will install, to have access to a lot of fun at all times.

But the reality is different in some models of phones that do not have a micro-SD port, at the beginning we always analyze the disadvantages that all this can cause, but when purchasing it, there is no longer any way to regret it and the only way is to look for some solutions. so as not to have any more problems. That is why below we will give you some recommendations to free up space on your different computers.


Before starting to search for third-party applications, in version 4.2 on wards it can be done directly from the configuration, we will go to Settings> Storage we go to the options and select Cached Data and delete them, that will help us a lot to delete many temporary files that will free up some space on our computer. By accepting this option, we will not delete applications and will not affect their operation.

For those who do not want to clear the entire cache of their phone, they can go to Settings> Applications, select the application they want and press Clear cache. There is also the option to delete data, but in this case we can see a difference, since it will leave us the application as if we had just installed it.


Something that is essential when we want to free up space is to analyze a bit all the applications that we have and above all to see the space that they occupy, we can have a game that we only use once in life and it can be very valuable space that can be used in other functions. .

By entering Settings> General> Use we can see the space we have free and the one we are using, with it we can see how much space we really need, the more space we have, the performance of our team will be much better.

A very attractive option that iPhones have is iCloud, an application to have our documents in the cloud and thus have access at any time or Apple device, it is a good alternative to upload files that we do not use so much but that we know we will have access to. to them without any problem.

Windows Phone

In this case the procedure will be similar, we must enter the Space Sensor in the configuration and we can see in detail how our memory is distributed.

We invite you to check if the applications and games they have are really used, but above all take advantage of the temporary files section and others where we can find some memory that is not useful and we can erase it without problem.

Other alternatives

As we discussed in the case of iOS, a great alternative is to take advantage of the cloud to save files that are not so important, for them we can use applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive, in the case of consuming a lot of music or podcast, we could choose for removing it and using programs like Spotify or TuneIn Radio to have much more content.

There are also other cases that we prefer to download the applications of a store or sports site that we can correct, by entering the site directly and using its

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